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GW Financial Resources
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GW Financial Products
We take pride in our wide selection of quality financial products. All of the products.

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High quality and 100% customer satisfaction are our top priorities.
     We offer business loans and lines of credit that range from 10,000 to 250,000. This is a very flexible financial solution for short term or revolving cash needs. This product is essential when trying to grow your business. It can be used for inventory, advertising , remodeling or additional working capital to help manage operating expenses.
     This product is designed for businesses that have been in operation for at least 1 year. The type of loan typically closes within  7 to10 business days.
     Our commercial loans are typically for business owners or individuals
that want to purchase or refinance a commercial property.
We lend for shopping centers, apartment complexes, self storage facilities, mobile home parks, churches, commercial buildings etc...
We offer owner occupied as well as investor loans.We also do 
cash out refinance as well as acquisitions. 
     Our loan amounts range from 250,000. to 15,000,000. The typical LTV is 60% to 80% We offer very competitive rates and terms. 
     GW Financial Resources asset based lending product is the most flexible product we have! Of coarse we can lend against fixed assets such as machinery, tools, equipment, real estate, inventory etc...However this loan can be based on account receivables, invoices, contracts, monthly credit card volume or cash flow.  
     We convert these items into assets and configure a loan based upon them. Credit is not an issue with this product, it is strictly based upon the performance of the business. 
  • This product typically funds in 72 hours.
  • funding range is from 5,000. to  500,000. 
  • business must be in operation a minimum of 6 months

​     According to the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), 8 out of 10 American businesses finance some or all of their equipment. Our product experts specialize in developing a financial solution to meet your business goals while taking into consideration the current and projected market situations. 
     Our equipment leasing offers fixed regular payments; provides financing for 100% of the equipment cost; allows businesses to pay for equipment as it is used to generate income; conserves both working capital and lines of bank credit; and may offer certain tax Advantages.​
     This loan is for consumers that need access to small money quickly without a lot of hassles. If you can prove income and have a checking account, you can be funded in the amount of 500 to 2500 dollars within 48 hours. 
     The purpose of this type of loan is to provide a borrower with short term financial relief. This is not a long term financial solution. Borrowers who face debt and credit difficulties should seek professional financial advice.  

We have a large array
of products that will 
give our clients an
advantage in  today's